Top 10 Sightseeing in New South Wales

Discover the top 10 spots not to be missed during your visit to NSW! Byron Bay: famous, it’s a very touristy spot to learn how to surf and generally relax. It has a very hippie feeling to it. The walk along the coast to the lighthouse offers nice views. Angourie: gorgeous natural pools next to... Continue Reading →


Top 15 Sightseeing in Tasmania

Tasmania offers some fantastic sceneries and hikes. You can observe a very diverse wildlife in terms of vegetation and animals (platypus, penguins, wombat, echidnas, snakes, etc). Here is a list of 15 top sightseeing spots in Tasmania. Be careful with its changing weather as hypothermia is not uncommon even in summer. 15 Top Spots to Visit in... Continue Reading →

Dangers in Australia

I get this question a lot:  how dangerous is Australia, with its sharks, crocodiles and snakes? Well dangers are not always what you’ll think they’ll be. Here is a the list of top dangers in Australia according to me: Driving. Do not drive at dawn or dusk as cute Kangaroos will jump under your wheel.... Continue Reading →

WHV Australia – How to Plan your Trip

Plan your WHV year depending on seasons, work and opportunities: Seasons: winter (Mai-august) is brutal in the south and nice in the north, summer (november-february) is still fresh in Tasmania while too hot in the north. My advice: be in the south during summer and north during winter. So travel clockwise or counter clockwise.   Work :... Continue Reading →

Prepare your WHV in Australia

How to get your WHV and what are the steps afterwards: Get your visa. Visa conditions: be between 18 -30 years old when asking the visa, have a valid passeport, and have at least 5000$ in your bank account. Your visa will cost you about 445$. You should receive it in a couple days.If not... Continue Reading →

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