Exploring Montpellier, a Vibrant City

Montpellier is a great place to live or just spend your holidays. It’s a vibrant and sunny city with a cool youthful attitude mixed to a beautiful old city center.  It benefits of the Mediterranean coast, great infrastructure (check out its design tramway) and is surrounded by Garrigue (Mediterranean vegetation.) Some say it is the french Barcelona. Here you will find a list of top sights not to be missed!

Montpellier :


  • La Comedie, is the heart of Montpellier with its emblematic statue of Les Trois Graces. Check out it’s cafés, beautiful buildings, Opera and street  dancers and performers.  It’s as beautiful by day as it is by night.
La Comédie & les 3 Graces
La Comédie & les 3 Graces
  • Discover it’s tortuous street , don’t miss la rue de l’Ancien Courier, rue de l’Université or rue de l’Aiguillerie



  • Hidden plazas such as place de la Canourgue


  • L’esplanade great for a picnic. This is where you’ll find the Christmas market, les estivales and other events. At the end of l’esplanade you’ll find the Corum, go up the stairs to the roof top for an amazing view of Montpellier.
View from the Montpellier's Corum Rooftop
View from the Montpellier’s Corum Rooftop
  • It’s churchs such as Saint Roch  & Saint Anne (where expositions are held) as well as its imposing Cathedral
Montpellier's Cathedral
Montpellier’s Cathedral
  • Look out for les trompe-l’oeil around the city center
Montpellier's Trompe-l'oeil
Montpellier’s Trompe-l’Oeil
  • Opera, the Corum, the Agora ( check out the dansing festival in summer),  & Museums such as Musée Fabre (best Museum of Montpellier) , Le Panacée, Musée d’Anatomie, or Carré Saint Anne
View from the Montpellier's Corum Rooftop
View from the Montpellier’s Corum Rooftop
  • L’arc de Triomphe or the La porte du Peyrou
  • Le Peyrou with its huge statue of Louis XIV and its view if the city. It takes on a romantic light at sunset. For Mother’s Day, you can run la Montpellieraine which starts from le Peyrou ( less then 5km) and goes around the city center.


  • The Aqueduct Saint –Clément which on satuday mornings receives the best local market:  le Marché des Arceaux, under its
le Marché des Arceaux
Le Marché des Arceaux
  • the botanical gardenor Jardin des Plantes next to the Peyrou.


  • The Antigone neibourghood with its fountain alley, imposing Mediateque, Olympic pool and the Lez, its emblematic river front full of restaurants
Antigone - Montpellier
Antigone – Montpellier
  • The intricate gardens of the Chateau de Flaugergues


  • The walk along the Lez where you can picnic and enjoy the forest and fields. It takes a turquoise shade in winter.
Walk along the Lez
Walk along the Lez – Montpellier
  • The free zoo situated in a forest which makes it a great place to jog and enjoy a picnic while watching the animals.
Montpellier's Zoo
Montpellier’s Zoo

Montpellier’s Event year round:


  • Le FISE (International festival of extreme sports ) in May which is a free & gigantic event that sports the good spirit of Montpellier. You’ll get to see some high level athlete performs pirouettes on BMX, skateboards, waterboards and more.
Montpellier FISE
Montpellier FISE
  • The Light Festival around December for a magical night of lights and sounds


  • Christmas Market in winter at l’esplanade de la comedie with all sorts of art, handcrafts, beautiful stands and amazing food.


  • Les Estivales, were you can taste the delicious wine (and food) from the region beginning fall. Other animations and concerts take place during this wine festival.


  • Concerts, and shows at le Chateau d’Ô in summer


  • Music festival on the first day of summer in June, you’ll find music gigs at every street corner


Emblematic Sports of our region:


  • Watch a game of Balle au Tambourin, this sport is dominated by France and Italy whom have been playing the game for over a century.


  • Discover the game of Joutes, a unique and ancient  boating sport played only in France, Germany and Switzerland. Watch a game in Agde, Mèze, Sète or Palavas.


  • Relax and enjoy a game of Pétanque


  • Watch a game of Handball, a very popular sport in France.


  • Rugby is Montpellier’s pride and joy.


Discover Montpellier’s Surrounding, and its beautiful region! https://wordpress.com/post/wildroamingmango.wordpress.com/544



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