Top 10 Sightseeing in New South Wales

Discover the top 10 spots not to be missed during your visit to NSW!

  • Byron Bay: famous, it’s a very touristy spot to learn how to surf and generally relax. It has a very hippie feeling to it. The walk along the coast to the lighthouse offers nice views.
Byron Bay from the lighthouse
Byron Bay from the lighthouse
  • Angourie: gorgeous natural pools next to the sea side with amazing sunsets. A real hidden treasure.
Angourie Pools by Sunset
Angourie Pools by Sunset
  • Waterfall Way: splendid waterfalls, rainforest walks,  mists and green rolling hills punctuate this road.
Waterfall Way - Ebor Falls
Waterfall Way – Ebor Falls
  • Worimi Dunes & Mount Tomaree: Worimi Dunes is an interesting spot, on one side of the vast dunes, the forest and on the other the sea. Mt Tomaree possesses an absolutely gorgeous view not to be missed, where you can also admire the sunset.
Mt Tomaree
Mt Tomaree
  • Sydney possesses a lovely old center full of history with great museums and parks to stroll including the wonderful Botanic Garden. It’s a city full of life. Check out the Opera light up by night as well as the Anzac Memorial.
Sydney - Anzac Memorial
Sydney – Anzac Memorial
  • Bondi Beach is the closest beach to Sydney and therefore Australia’s most famous one. It can be a bit crowded but the walk along the coast is quite nice. You can also discover an australian concept: Ocean Pools ( seawater) along the seaside.
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
  • Blue Mountains: amazing hikes with varying landscapes, from its dry eucalyptus tops to its rainforest at the bottom with very impressive waterfalls. You’ll be amazed by its spectacular views. I recommend the following hikes: Wentworth falls, Leura, Blackheath and Katoomba.
Blue Mountains - Wentworth
Blue Mountains – Wentworth
  • Pigeon House Mountains: although a bit lost, is a pleasant walk with a great sunset view at the top of the mountain. Watch out for Monitor Lizards!
Pigeon House Mountains
Pigeon House Mountains
  • Canberra, the capital city of Australia is quite something to see. It was build around the lake Burley Griffin and was clearly design for big things with its large, empty avenues and modern museums (with great collections of aboriginal art). For now it feels a bit ghostly but have no doubt than in the future it will live to its full expectancy. For a capital city it has a very laidback atmosphere. Check out the Parliament’s House to discover the story behind Canberra as well as the War Memorial for a bit of history.
Canberra - War Memorial
Canberra – War Memorial
  • Mt Kosciuszko: Australia highest summit (2228m) is the easiest of the world famous seven summits. It benefits from a rare alpine flora. Once you get to the plateau it’s a short walk to the summit.
Mt Kosciuszko
Mt Kosciuszko

Now you are all set to visit New South Wales; its sea side, mountains and hidden spots!



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