Dangers in Australia

I get this question a lot:  how dangerous is Australia, with its sharks, crocodiles and snakes? Well dangers are not always what you’ll think they’ll be.

Here is a the list of top dangers in Australia according to me:

  • Driving. Do not drive at dawn or dusk as cute Kangaroos will jump under your wheel. True story, this is why in some states you have every 2 meters a dead kangaroo on the side of the road. I can not stress it out enough, be careful. Not only because it is a very unpleasant and stressful experience but also because it will damage your car. Also be careful not to drive on dead animals, bones can puncture your tyres. Do not drive at night, If you hit a cow (some farms are too big to have fences all around it), or a camel you are as good as dead meat.


  • Climate. You’ll be surprise how quickly the climate change in Australia, especially in Tasmania where you can be caught in a snowstorm in the middle of summer. Hypothermia is a risk not be taken lightly. Always be well equipped. Be careful in the south and in the desert as weather changes quickly.



  • Animals. Probably the one that you’ve been all waiting. Yes some of the most common snakes and spiders are extremely deadly such as brown, snake, tiger snake or the red back spider. And yes you do have crocodiles and sharks and all kinds of charming animals. Those animals won’t arm you unless they feel threaten by you. So just try to be careful where you step and check your shoes before putting them on!
Snake in Kakadu NT
Crocodile in Windjana Gorge WA

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