Colombia & Its Wonders

Colombia is one incredible, mesmerizing country. It benefits from all types of climates and landscapes, from the carribean sea to the pacific, from the amazon to the high mountains of the andes cordillera, from deserts to tropical forests. Half of the country is still unexplored jungle and it is estimated that least 20 ethnic groups... Continue Reading →

Exploring Montpellier, a Vibrant City

Montpellier is a great place to live or just spend your holidays. It’s a vibrant and sunny city with a cool youthful attitude mixed to a beautiful old city center.  It benefits of the Mediterranean coast, great infrastructure (check out its design tramway) and is surrounded by Garrigue (Mediterranean vegetation.) Some say it is the... Continue Reading →

Discover Montpellier’s Surroundings

Montpellier enjoys spectacular surroundings with picturesque little villages, nice mountains for hiking, beautiful rivers,  intricate caves, sunny beaches and it’s wonderful garrigue vegetation. Discover the region of l'Occitanie, and its activities & events not to be missed!   Montpellier surroundings -  45min or less  away by car   Beaches : Maguelone is one of its kind with... Continue Reading →

10 Top Spots to Discover in Liguria, Italia

Liguria makes a great weekend escapade and a chance to discover Mediterranean coast with its turquoise bays, colorful villages and delicious food. Genoa, Liguria’s capital and birth place of Christophe Colomb, lacks a bit of charm as it is a huge harbor. Try exploring some of its museums, ancient palaces, old frescos and narrow streets.... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Sightseeing in Victoria

If you are visiting Victoria put those 7 incredible spots on your To Do List! Mt Buffalo National Park also called the Alps of Australia has an amazing view from Mount Horn. There are a few great hikes around. If you’re lucky you’ll even see some cute wombats! Raymond Island, probably Australia’s best spots to... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Sightseeing in New South Wales

Discover the top 10 spots not to be missed during your visit to NSW! Byron Bay: famous, it’s a very touristy spot to learn how to surf and generally relax. It has a very hippie feeling to it. The walk along the coast to the lighthouse offers nice views. Angourie: gorgeous natural pools next to... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Sightseeing in Tasmania

Tasmania offers some fantastic sceneries and hikes. You can observe a very diverse wildlife in terms of vegetation and animals (platypus, penguins, wombat, echidnas, snakes, etc). Here is a list of 15 top sightseeing spots in Tasmania. Be careful with its changing weather as hypothermia is not uncommon even in summer. 15 Top Spots to Visit in... Continue Reading →

Dangers in Australia

I get this question a lot:  how dangerous is Australia, with its sharks, crocodiles and snakes? Well dangers are not always what you’ll think they’ll be. Here is a the list of top dangers in Australia according to me: Driving. Do not drive at dawn or dusk as cute Kangaroos will jump under your wheel.... Continue Reading →

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